Creative I can help your school or organization maximize programming

We help organizations build quality services by connecting them with resources and leveraging partnerships that can help strengthen the foundation of the organization. We provide program services that foster economic growth, increase social services and increase mobility that can impact change and empower the community. 

We ensure that programs are aligned with agencies’ missions and business objectives that achieve the desired outcome.  We provide well-thought-out strategy, subject-matter expertise, and in-depth knowledge of proven business practices. Working closely with clients, Creative I establishes realistic outcomes, reviews and evaluates progress to ensure a program is moving in the right direction, and refines or reworks practices and processes when needed. 


Young Entrepreneurs

Specializes in helping young people discover their passion and develop, gift, skills and talents that will lead to entrepreneurial endeavors. The Entrepreneurship academy will provide strategy, tools and resources that will lead to a successful entrepreneur. 

Creative I Arts 

Explore Creative Arts Programs in Dance, Drama and art. Creative I provides performing arts programs to youth and adults taught by professionally trained Creative Ambassadors. Now offering our E-Studio our virtual programming available to schools and organizations.